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Kuwait is a small Islamic kingdom, but it is also one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Although its economy mostly centers on petroleum, it also has a thriving banking sector. Also, trading in the foreign exchange market is a legal business that is highly famous among locals. Kuwaitis are well-off individuals who regard in Forex market as one of the most attractive avenues to invest their money. To do it, they need to have a reliable broker to start trading. Having a trustworthy broker in Kuwait is essential to your online trading success, yet there are other aspects to consider.

 First, you must have the funds to invest; your shortlisted Kuwaiti Forex brokers must be regulated and provide free demo accounts. Opening a demo account lets you test the Forex trading software tools and ensure they match yours. The customer service provided by brokers is another essential element. It will help if you are looking for a Kuwaiti broker with excellent customer assistance, whether you are a new or experienced trader. A reliable Forex broker in Kuwait will offer you immediate assistance and help you resolve any issues that may come up. Also, the broker you choose from Kuwait should be controlled and provide sufficient security. To ensure your money is safe in the event of a conflict, you should have access to a compensation fund. Finding a broker in Kuwait who can suit your demands when trading on the financial markets might take a lot of time. In this article, we will learn about easyMarkets Kuwait. We will thoroughly explore the Platform and assess how effectively it serves Kuwaiti traders.

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Min $200
Free Demo
MT4, MT5, Web

easyMarkets Review

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What is easyMarkets Forex Broker? 

Beginning in 2001, easyMarkets is a licensed and well-known online broker that lets you trade in Forex and CFDs on its trading platform. Investors can trade with indices, shares, commodities, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies, among other assets. Moreover, its innovative business model gives investors a safe place to trade even when the market is volatile and during international economic crises. With features like Freeze Rate and dealCancellation, easyMarkets makes forex trading easy, less time-consuming, and more profitable.

Initially, the company accepted deposits as low as $25 and only let people trade Forex. As time went by, it grew into the company it is today. Over time, easyMarkets has added more trading options and CFDs, such as global indices, energy, metals, and others. The company changed its name from easy-forex to easyMarkets in 2016.

Is easyMarkets a regulated broker?

Before you trade with an online broker, you should review if that broker is regulated. This is crucial since the regulation protects your money and helps you determine whether the broker is legitimate. For the broker to get licenses, it must meet specific criteria that prove it is a genuine broker. The broker’s administrative structure and regulatory standing are crucial factors to consider when choosing a broker like easyMarkets in Kuwait.

easyMarkets is regulated by CySec, Cyprus’s financial regulator. The broker is registered with CySec as Easy Forex Trading Ltd with license number 07907. ASIC (the Australian Securities & Investments Commission) controls the brand in Australia and has a British Virgin Islands (BVI) license. To be regulated by these organizations, easyMarkets had to show that it was fair, honest, and able to take full financial responsibility.

Also, it observes all of the rules set by the ESMA. Since the company was built on the idea of honesty, there are rules, policies, and disclaimers to protect clients’ funds and transactions under the EU regulator. This broker has always been open, trustworthy, and regulated.

Safety and Security of Clients’ Funds 

Any trader must keep their money and investments safe when trading online. easyMarkets has programs in place to protect their client’s money. The company tells its clients that their money is kept separate from easymarkets’ money as part of its core value of being open and fair. Clients’ money is kept separate and safe in top-tier banks; clients can’t get their money. The firm offers capital adequacy, which indicates it has enough liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential changes in the company’s currency positions, etc.

 Also, easyMarkets has a feature that ensures a client’s account balance will never go below zero. Since 2001, easyMarkets has made this protection a standard feature that doesn’t cost extra. The company is devoted to keeping its clients safe. easyMarkets regularly finds, evaluates, and controls all the risks of running its business. So, the broker has established a Secured Socket Layer (SSL), which protects the website and its platforms from cyber attacks. The company makes sure that all data that are sent are encrypted. This means that easyMarkets traders are very well protected.

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  • ECN Accounts – Yes
  • Islamic Accounts: Yes
  • Minimum deposit: $200
  • Kuwait Traders Allowed
  • Deposit with a Credit, Debit Card, Cryptos and E-Wallets

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Who uses easyMarkets for Forex and CFD trading in Kuwait?

Selecting the right broker is the initial step to earning money online trading in Kuwait. With easyMarkets Kuwait, new and professional traders will find it easy to trade. easyMarkets is the most suitable Australian broker since it lets you trade a wide range of assets and has trading tools that are easy to use. The accurate analysis data, easy-to-use website, and technical indicators make it easy for Kuwaiti traders to trade. 

Online trading is simple for people who know how to trade, but it’s more difficult for people who don’t know how to trade. Fortunate for traders, easyMarkets has everything they need, regardless of their experience. The broker offers Free guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection features to keep new clients from losing money. Also, skilled traders can set their preferences and deal with risks in ways that help them earn more.

How safe is easyMarkets Kuwait?

EasyMarkets has excellent ways of handling risks and has won numerous awards for its innovative trading tools. The forex broker is regularly checked to ensure it is secure to trade with because it is regulated. It has a strict policy to keep traders’ deposits safe during economic instability. 

easyMarkets offers enough funds, protection against negative balances, and free guaranteed stop-loss orders. It also keeps the traders’ money in separate accounts at top banks. The trading platform uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect traders’ information and money. In General, it is a reliable broker for trading Forex and CFDs online because it has advanced security features and is well-known in the industry.

Trading Platforms of easyMarkets

The easyMarkets platforms were made as easy to use as possible while still being robust and flexible enough for professional traders. easyMarkets has trading platforms for the web, computer, and phone. This Platform is made with the idea that trading should be comfortable. 

easyMarkets Platform

easyMarkets Platform is easy to use and flexible. It is simple to use and can be used by traders of any skill level. It has many features for professional traders but is easy for new traders to use. Also, easyMarkets gives traders a free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, fixed spreads, and no fees for deposits and withdrawals. It has tools for daily trading that are well-made and robust.

The easyMarkets Web platform is an excellent platform that doesn’t require you to download software. Traders can quickly get to all of the listed assets with this Platform. It works with all operating systems and has 81 technical indicators and other tools for analyzing data. Also, it has several tools for analyzing drawings. Also, it has News Headlines and Financial calendars, which are essential parts of fundamental analysis. 

Mobile App

easyMarkets has also made a platform for mobile apps so traders can trade on the go. The easyMarkets Mobile App is the name of this Platform and works on iOS and Android devices; and is easy to use, simple, and intuitive. It lets traders access markets anywhere on the globe as long as they have access to the internet. This Platform lets traders check live prices and market news without leaving the app. It gives you powerful tools to use in your daily trading. It has analytical tools like technical indicators and charts; you can check your account. Traders can download the app from AppStore for iOS devices and the GooglePlay store for Android devices. 

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 is a worldwide famous trading platform traders can use if they trade with easyMarkets. Traders with advanced trading skills can use this Platform to customize their terminals, add technical indicator overlays and show multiple live charts. Most traders use the MT4 Platform because it has numerous features that make it easy to analyze the market and trade automatically. Even more skilled traders love this Platform since it shows many details in a single window.

Demo Account 

EasyMarkets Kuwait gives traders a demo account that lets them practice trading before they put their capital at risk. Since Forex trading is usually risky, new traders are encouraged to try their skills using a free demo account on easyMarkets first.

An EasyMarkets demo account comes with $10,000 virtual money, which can be traded in much the same way as real money. There are no limits on the demo account, and the goal is to offer traders as close to a real experience as possible.

Funding Details – easyMarkets

Minimum Deposit 

With easyMarkets, opening a trading account has a minimum deposit of $100. This is the amount needed to start a new online brokerage account with the broker. Do not be scared if a broker such as easyMarkets requires a minimum deposit to create a trading account. Higher minimum deposit brokers often provide extra premium features on their platforms that are not offered for free on other platforms. Brokers with smaller minimum deposits usually target a more general market that doesn’t need some of the more sophisticated features and research tools. Brokers that don’t require minimum deposits typically want to persuade new clients. 

Withdrawal Fees 

Each broker has regulations on how funds can be withdrawn from trading accounts. With easyMarkets Kuwait, the broker does not charge a withdrawal fee. This is because each brokerage business will have various withdrawal options. Each payment provider may have varying transfer processing fees, processing durations, and a currency conversion fees. The conversion price depends on your base currency, receiving currency, and the payment provider.

Additional Features that make easyMarkets special

easyMarkets Kuwait has several unique features, many of which make trading much more accessible – especially for new or amateur traders.

The EasyTrade tool, for instance, allows users to set risk limits, potential payouts, and trade durations. Traders can use this to maximize risk, leverage, and profits. Trades are created by pressing an up or down button, which is perfect for busy day traders.

Freeze Rate is a tool that lets traders temporarily freeze onscreen prices, allowing them to trade there at a frozen price. This is useful for day traders working in volatile markets, where every second counts and the trade value can change in seconds.

DealCancellation is another helpful tool. This feature lets losing trades be canceled after one, three, or six hours. If a trade is canceled, the amount at risk is returned to the traders’ trading account. But traders should remember it is not included in the standard easyMarkets setup, and this feature has a fee.

Free Guaranteed Stop Loss: Nobody wants to trade in and lose money. Therefore, before you place an order, you can choose the level of risk you are comfortable with this risk-management feature. When the price reaches that level, the broker ends the trade. The best things about this feature are that it is free and always functions.

EasyMarkets provides a wealth of information, including the most recent news headlines and a financial calendar. These features are vital for real-time analysis and can help in profit maximization.

Advantages of Using easyMarkets  

easyMarkets is mainly about how traders can benefit from using the brokerage. Once you start trading with it, there is no reason to stop or move on to something else.

Negative Balance Protection: easyMarkets’ set this tool for managing risk protects traders from sudden changes in the market. It stops the trade automatically and ensures traders don’t end up with a below-zero balance.

Capital Adequacy: The company keeps a lot of liquid capital on hand to protect traders’ deposits and outstanding expenses in an economic crisis.

Fund segregation: The company has a policy that keeps traders’ deposits in separate accounts so they won’t lose any capital if the broker goes out of business.

Pending Orders: easyMarkets makes forex trading easy by letting you place orders that won’t be filled until later. You can automate trading by setting the amount, risk, and limit rate.

Demo Account: With an unlimited and free demo account, beginners can learn the basics of online trading in real-time trading conditions.

Customer Support

easyMarkets has customer support traders can reach out in several ways. Traders can contact them by phone, email, chat, and web forms. The help desk is open 24/7 and supports different languages. Haymarkets’ main goal is to make trading more accessible.

The company has different chat channels where you can ask for help. You can get help from them via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Live Chat on their website. These chat options make it easy for traders in Kuwait to get in touch with the company’s support team and are very convenient.

Conclusion – easyMarkets

As an established broker with over 20 years of trading experience, easyMarkets Kuwait is a simple but welcome platform with several advantages over its competitors. 

Several financial conduct authorities must regulate it worldwide. This gives its users protection and peace of mind and shows that this broker is willing to work in a fair and accountable way.

Regarding ease of use, the site puts a lot of effort into ensuring users can move around quickly and efficiently while making trades. There are many different accounts and tools to choose from. No matter what kind of Kuwaiti trader you are, you should be able to find something here that meets or even exceeds your needs. 

Also, different financial conduct authorities regulate it all over the world. This not only gives its clients peace of mind and security but also shows that easyMarkets is willing to work in a transparent and accountable way. The company generally has a solid reputation, particularly with Kuwaiti traders just starting.